Court Yard, 2023


Режиссер — Дин К.

Продюсер — Бен Уиллс

Festival "Diversions into..." (2017)


Diversions into Chekasin. Tribute one. "The Music".

Naked bell


folk-dupstep composition  

Hunger Artist (art-project Shepot)


performance based on short stories by Franz Kafka (2008)

Naked be

folk-dupstep composition  

Pit-a-pat/Топ-топ (art-project Shepot)

fragment from album VOICES (ГОЛОСА) based on texts by Anatoly Riassov

"Intro/Prologue" (2010)

Presentation of triple album "Exfoliation" (art-project Shepot)

White night

contemporary improvised music based on lyrics by Judita Vaicunaite

Cheka&Sando - First Meeting (2016)

Part IV. Last Conquest Of Africa'

Cheka&Sando - First Meeting (2016)

Part II. Conference Of The Oysters

Bistonas Jazz Festival (2014)


Kudryavtsev-Logofet-Chekasina-Sandomirsky (2016)

Set One

Festival "Diversions into..." (2017)


Diversions into Chekasin. Tribute Three. "The Word" based on texts by Alexey Kruglov

SKY 2.0


Festival "Diversions into..." (2018)


Diversions into BRECHT.

Showreel of program "Rise and Fall of the City of M..."